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Out of pocket costs and the benefits of a private, independent breast imaging center

It’s the beginning quarter of a new year, which means your deductible is high without any services applied toward it. You want choices in how much you should spend on medical services. Out-of-pocket costs can vary depending on where you have your exam. Variation in cost is most apparent when comparing hospital-based radiology departments vs. independent imaging centers.

Here are the questions we get asked most often from our patients:

“I was quoted a price at the hospital twice as much as the same service at your facility. Why the extreme difference in cost?”

It is easy to wonder why such discrepancies exist in the price of medical exams. Shouldn’t it cost the same regardless of the facility? The difference has mostly to do with the size of hospital systems vs. private offices. Hospital systems have higher operational costs that are factored into charges for each procedure.

As of January 1, 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid require hospital systems to post the standard cost of common services and other associated charges. This program aims to give more information to the consumer to anticipate healthcare costs.

“EWBC is always less costly. How is this possible?”

Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC) can provide services at a lower cost because we are an independent private practice solely focused on one thing- breast imaging. We streamline our processes to minimize expenses. We offer one specialty and excel in our services and patient care.

Lower costs do not translate into discounted care. It is the exact opposite. EWBC focuses on best practices and care by investing in quality breast imaging techniques and technology.

Do not let cost prevent you from seeking medical care. Instead, be an informed consumer and select a center that provides you with the highest quality care at the greatest value.

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