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Breast Imaging in Rochester, NY

Women and their physicians have relied on the skill and experience of the breast imaging specialists at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, LLC (EWBC) since 1975. Our mission is to provide each of our patients with state-of the art breast imaging, along with compassionate, personalized care. As our patient, you can have your mammogram and receive your results all in one convenient appointment. If your time is limited, we can get you in and out quickly – and mail your results within one to two days.

The following tests and procedures are all available at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care’s 7 locations in BataviaBrightonCarthageGeneseoGreeceVictor, and Webster. Call (585) 442-2190 to schedule your appointment today!


3D Mammography

Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC) was an early adopter of this groundbreaking technology by participating in landmark clinical research that led to FDA approval for 3D mammography and widespread implementation of this new and exciting technology throughout the United States.

Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is done using a handheld unit called a transducer that is gently passed back and forth over the breast with slight pressure, while a computer turns the sound waves into an image of the tissues inside the breast. This resulting image is called a sonogram or ultrasound scan. Breast ultrasounds are commonly performed if a mammogram identified dense breast tissue.

Breast MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI is a highly sensitive, noninvasive diagnostic tool that is often used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound. It helps physicians evaluate the extent of a breast cancer, as well as establish a treatment plan and monitor a patient’s response to chemotherapy.

Breast Biopsy

The use of core biopsy enables our physicians to diagnose findings detected on mammography, ultrasound, or MRI. This procedure is designed to save women from undergoing unnecessary surgery.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC) provides cancer risk assessment services to all our patients. By simply completing our health history questionnaire, we can estimate your lifetime risk of breast cancer and your eligibility for genetic counseling and testing.

Genetic Counseling

Although we proactively screen our patients for hereditary breast cancer risk at EWBC, our genetic counselor is available to meet with patients at risk for any hereditary cancer syndrome.

Bone Density Testing & Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)

A specialized bone mineral density (BMD) test measures the density of the bone in various parts of the body. Testing used at EWBC to measure bone density is the DXA* (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) scan. This test measures the bone mineral density of the spine and hip. In addition, the Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) is a bone structure and quality measurement obtained through special software now available during the same scan that measures bone density.