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Genetic Counseling in Rochester, NY

Although we proactively screen our patients for hereditary breast cancer risk at EWBC, our genetic counselor is available to meet with patients at risk for any hereditary cancer syndrome.

Over the past several years, advances in the field of cancer genetics have given patients the opportunity to determine their predisposition to certain cancers, including breast cancer, to help initiate proper medical management. Although multiple risk factors for breast cancer are known, personal and family history of cancer are key elements impacting cancer risk.

The goal of our Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program is the early detection and/or prevention of breast and other cancers. Any patient with a personal or family history of cancer meeting NCCN guidelines or a 5% risk or greater of a mutation is eligible for genetic counseling and possible testing.

Please note: If you previously have tested negative for BRCA1 or BRCA2, you may be a candidate for additional genetic testing. Current testing protocols include panels with dozens of cancer genes.