Our History

November 19


TODAY, Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, LLC is a group practice of eight breast imaging specialists – Dr. Stamatia Destounis (joined EWBC in 1993), Dr. Posy Seifert (2002), Dr. Philip F. Murphy (2004), Dr. Wade Hedegard (2012), Dr. Alena Levit (2015), Dr. Lisa Paulis (2011), Dr. Leah Rossett (2019), Dr. Leah Vanderlinde (2019)
One thing that has always remained the same—the patient comes first.


November 6

Dr. Sarah Vanderlinde joins practice

September 16

Dr. Leah Rossett joins practice

July 11

Carthage Office opens

Carthage Office

January 1

New York State Mammography Law

“Get Screened – No Excuses” legislation in New York State (NYS) was introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2017 allowing women better access to breast health care and services they need. Please note: Law does not apply to self funded plans.

More about the law



April 13

Batavia Office Opens

EWBC opens satellite office in Batavia, NY

July 13

Dr. Alena Levit joins practice

February 1

Office Opens in Victor, NY

January 1

NYS Breast Density Law goes into effect

Now women with dense breasts may be eligible for additional screening tools such as ultrasound and MRI

July 1

Dr. Wade Hedegard joins practice

September 1

Office Opens in Geneseo, NY

August 1

Dr. Lisa Paulis joins practice

January 1

FDA approves 3D Mammography

First FDA approved 3D Mammography equipment installed

January 1

Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program

EWBC starts a Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program

September 1

Office opens in Greece, NY

EWBC opens first satellite office in Greece, NY

January 1

EWBC involved in Research with 3D Mammography

EWBC researches 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), an exciting new technology

January 1

EWBC Completely Digital

EWBC completes their conversion to a fully digital mammography facility

January 1


EWBC builds MRI suite at the Brighton office

August 4

Dr. Philip F. Murphy joins practice

January 10

MRI & Digital Mammography

  • MRI and MRI biopsy are added to EWBC
  • EWBC transitions to digital mammography and now physicians can read from dedicated computer workstations