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Our History

January 1

Caring for Patients Since 1975

Mammogram with patient & technologist
Dr. Wende Logan Young opens a dedicated breast clinic on Mt. Hope Avenue in Rochester, NY — THE FIRST IN THE UNITED STATES
January 1

EWBC in the 1980’s

Mammography as a screening device becomes standard practice. Dedicated mammography equipment with compression is used by EWBC.
January 1

Development of Breast Biopsy

EWBC physicians help develop the core biopsy procedure as a way to reduce surgical biopsies in patients and becomes the Clinic's standard of care. Stereotactic guidance is used to biopsy worrisome areas seen only on the mammogram.
June 1

Dr. Stamatia Destounis joins practice

January 10

EWBC implements bone density evaluation program

For diagnosis of bone loss osteopenia/ osteoporosis. EWBC presents education programs for the community.
January 10

Computer Aided Detection (CAD)

EWBC researched and developed computer aided detection (CAD) and after FDA approval uses for all mammograms.
January 1

EWBC in the 2000’s

  • In 2000, EWBC moves from Mt. Hope Avenue to a state of the art facility on Sawgrass Drive in Brighton.
  • EWBC participates in the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) study showing digital mammography is more accurate in dense tissue than film mammography.
August 1

Dr. Patricia Somerville joins practice

January 1

Patient Advocates

Patient Advocates added to EWBC to ensure a smooth patient flow
January 10

MRI & Digital Mammography

  • MRI and MRI biopsy are added to EWBC
  • EWBC transitions to digital mammography and now physicians can read from dedicated computer workstations
August 4

Dr. Philip F. Murphy joins practice

January 1


EWBC builds MRI suite at the Brighton office
January 1

EWBC Completely Digital

EWBC completes their conversion to a fully digital mammography facility
January 1

EWBC involved in Research with 3D Mammography

EWBC researches 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), an exciting new technology
September 1

Office opens in Greece, NY

EWBC opens first satellite office in Greece, NY
January 1

Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program

EWBC starts a Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program
January 1

FDA approves 3D Mammography

First FDA approved 3D Mammography equipment installed
January 1

NYS Breast Density Law goes into effect

Now women with dense breasts may be eligible for additional screening tools such as ultrasound and MRI
August 1

Dr. Lisa Paulis joins practice

September 1

Office Opens in Geneseo, NY