3D Mammography in Rochester, NY

Also called Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)

Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC) was an early adopter of this groundbreaking technology by participating in landmark clinical research that led to FDA approval for 3D mammography and widespread implementation of this new and exciting technology throughout the United States.

EWBC was the first in our region to offer this technology to our patients beginning in the summer of 2011. 3D mammography with C-View is available at all EWBC offices demonstrating our commitment to offer the latest technology to all our patients.


The main benefits of 3D mammography include both increased cancer detection and a decrease in unnecessary callbacks or extra pictures. It truly is a better mammogram.

  • A mammogram offering higher breast cancer detection
  • Better visualization of breast tissue using 3D image slices
  • Beneficial for ALL patients, especially those with
    • dense breast tissue
    • a higher risk of cancer
  • No additional radiation compared to 2D digital mammogram

Not all 3D mammography is the same. As soon as it became available in 2014, EWBC started using a new and better 3D mammography with C-View utilizing less radiation. A traditional 3D mammogram exam (that women may get elsewhere) consists of acquiring the 3D images and then acquiring traditional 2D images at the same time while the breast is in compression. This longer exposure leads to increased radiation dose. In our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality care, we implemented C-View (synthetic mammography).

This exciting new 3D technology allows us to acquire the 3D mammogram images and then use this data to reconstruct the 2D images. The end result is a dramatically lower radiation dose for the 3D with C-View mammogram comparable to standard mammography– all the benefits of 3D mammography without the increased radiation dose.

The benefits of 3D mammography arise from its ability to reduce overlapping structures in the breast. By separating the tissue it helps to prevent normal tissue from obscuring small masses that could be cancers. The radiologist, therefore has a more accurate view of the breast without the overlapping tissue that sometimes masks a suspicious area. This is why 3D mammography has been proven in many studies to detect more cancers. Additionally, 3D mammography has been shown to reduce callbacks for additional testing by as much as 50% due to its ability to separate the breast tissue. These benefits hold true for ALL patients regardless of age or tissue type. An even greater benefit can be seen in women considered at high risk for developing breast cancer or those with dense breast tissue.

The 3D mammography experience is similar to a traditional mammogram and the 3D mammography system is identical in appearance to a standard 2D digital mammography system. The 3D imaging occurs as the digital exam is being performed, adding no additional time to your visit. Multiple images are obtained of each breast as the x ray tube moves over each breast. These are processed and then interpreted on a computer workstation by the radiologist.

When performing a combination exam, the technologist positions you and compresses the breast in the same way she routinely would for a 2D mammogram, the scanner rotates partially around the breast and takes multiple low dose images from many different angles. The number of images produced is dependent on the size of the breast. The radiologist then views these thin (1mm) layers on a computer workstation allowing the entire thickness of the breast to be viewed without the limitations of overlapping breast structures.

In a standard 2D mammogram, only two images of each breast are obtained. With 3D mammography, the radiologist has a series of images to view which leads to a greater ability to accurately diagnose subtle masses or abnormalities.

The short answer is No. Elizabeth Wende Breast Care performs 3D mammography with C-View technology which allows for a similar radiation dose as conventional 2D mammography. Please see the above (What is 3D mammography with C-View?) for further information.

After your 3D mammogram is complete our physicians, (radiologists with subspecialty training in breast imaging and 3D mammography) will interpret your images. You will receive your results at the end of your visit if you stay for your results, or within a few days if you prefer not to wait for your results. A copy of the report is sent to your physician(s).

3D Mammography was approved for use by the FDA in February 2011. As of 2015, most insurance carriers consider 3D mammography a covered service. The New York State mammography law was introduced in January 2017 requiring New York State insurance companies to cover mammography. Please note: Law does not apply to self funded plans or non New York State insurance companies. Please consult with your insurance company if you have for futher questions.

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