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Speakers For Your Group

Do you need a speaker for your next meeting?

EWBC is excited to offer virtual or in-person speakers for your group or club. We would be happy to join you to present on Breast Health, Bone Health, or Genetics & Cancer Risk. All sessions are free of charge and presented by our expert staff.


Salena Sachman
Community/Physician Liaison
(585) 758-7081 

Available presentations:

Breast Health

Knowledge is Power: Breast Care & Imaging Technology

The American Cancer Society states that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. Learn how the latest advancements in breast imaging, breast density information law, and personal risk assessments are helping doctors find early breast cancers and saving lives.

Bone Health

Did you know the lower your bone mineral density is, the greater the fracture risk?

This educational session will discuss important factors that influence bone health, identify criteria for bone density testing, and offer tips on preventing bone loss.

Genetics & Cancer Risk Assessment

Over the past several years, advances in cancer genetics have allowed patients to determine their predisposition to certain cancers, including breast cancer, to help initiate proper medical management. Although multiple risk factors for breast cancer are known, personal and family history of cancer is critical elements impacting cancer risk.

Our Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling Program aims to detect and prevent breast and other cancers early.

This presentation will review EWBC’s genetic counseling program, eligibility criteria for testing, and the impact genetic testing has on how people are screened for cancers. 

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