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Important Information regarding EWBC

Rochester and its surrounding areas have many options for your mammogram, including hospital systems and nationally owned radiology practices. Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC) is the only independent dedicated breast center in the Rochester region.

In recent months, our patients have been receiving confusing texts, calls, and emails from facilities other than EWBC, stating they are due for their mammogram (even if they are not).

Please be aware, these are marketing campaigns and not based on your health history.

Their marketing approach can be problematic for many different reasons. Your insurance will not cover multiple screening mammograms in the same year, leaving you responsible for an unnecessary medical bill. Scheduling with a new facility unfamiliar with your medical/family history can result in a radiologist interpreting your mammogram without prior records, resulting in unnecessary repeat testing, increased healthcare costs, and anxiety.

It is important to develop a lifelong relationship with your breast imaging specialists. You want to continue to visit the same practice where breast imaging experts evaluate your images. Your yearly commitment to our breast center is vital in the early detection of breast cancer. At EWBC, you are evaluated with 3D technology and breast imaging experts who know your history.

EWBC is committed to keeping our patients educated and informed. The quarterly EWBC newsletter provides updates on the latest technology and topics on breast health.

Scheduling is easy with options online, our EWBC App, or a phone call. In addition, EWBC has a comprehensive reminder system that gives ample notice to patients of upcoming appointments and opportunities to reschedule if needed.

Please be aware of marketing emails or texts sent to you by other facilities suggesting you are due for a mammogram and take note of the medical facility sending that message.

Any communication regarding your scheduled appointment
at EWBC will be from
donotreply@ewbc.comΒ  ORΒ  text message

You can always verify
your past and future EWBC appointments
at or by calling (585) 442-2190


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