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Cancer Risk Assessment for Every Patient at EWBC

πŸŽ—οΈ At Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, we understand the importance of cancer risk assessment in early detection and prevention. This is precisely why a risk assessment is completed for all EWBC patients.

By simply completing our health history questionnaire, we can estimate your lifetime risk of breast cancer and your eligibility for genetic counseling and genetic testing. In addition, obtaining a personalized risk assessment evaluation ensures you know the most appropriate and up-to-date management plan for your current risk level. Every woman’s journey is unique, and knowing your risk factors empowers you to take charge of your breast health. More information

Today, we’re reminded of the significance of risk assessment as we hear about Olivia Munn’s brave battle with breast cancer. Let’s continue to support each other and spread knowledge about breast health. Remember, it’s vital to have a risk assessment conducted by your healthcare provider. Olivia Munn’s journey underscores the importance of proactive health management.

The High-Risk Department at EWBC is available to answer your questions and schedule a consult with our Genetic Counselor, Jessica Salamone ScM, CGC.

Please call the office at (585) 758-7050.

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