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Celebrating Our Mammography Technologists 

Woman getting breast examEvery day at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC), there are individuals who play a pivotal role in our mission to provide high-quality breast care and early detection services — our mammography technologists.

Mammography technologists are integral members of our healthcare team. They are specialized radiologic technologists with expertise in breast imaging. Their primary responsibility is to perform mammograms, a specialized type of X-ray that captures detailed images of breast tissue. These images are vital in the early detection of breast cancer, allowing for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

All our mammography technologists are certified in breast imaging and trained to obtain diagnostic images through optimal positioning that helps the radiologists detect breast cancer. While technical expertise is paramount, our technologists go the extra mile to ensure that every patient’s experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. They understand that many women may feel anxious or vulnerable during a mammogram.

Their compassionate care goes a long way in easing these concerns and creating a safe and welcoming environment for every patient who walks through our doors. Our mammography technologists understand that breast health is a sensitive and personal matter. They approach their work with a caring heart and a listening ear, supporting patients through the procedure and offering information about breast health.

At EWBC, we take immense pride in our team of mammography technologists. They are skilled professionals, caring individuals, and passionate advocates for the well-being of the women we serve. Their commitment to excellence and invaluable contributions to our community are a testament to their remarkable work.

The same dedicated staff can be found at all seven of our offices (Batavia, Brighton, Carthage, Geneseo, Greece, Victor, and Webster), ensuring that high standards of care and compassion are consistently met.

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