Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

New evidence-based patient-facing breast cancer guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) call for annual mammograms for all average-risk women over age 40 years. This simplifies the message, says the NCCN. Read the NCCN article

Elizabeth Wende Breast Care follows the American College of Radiology/Society of Breast Imaging (ACR/SBI) breast cancer screening guidelines which highlight the importance of annual screening for all women.


  • Starting screening at 40 for all women
  • The benefit of a risk assessment by 30
  • Addressing underserved and overlooked populations, including transgender people and minority women

Average Risk Women

  • All women should have a discussion with their primary care physician regarding their breast cancer risk by age 30
  • Yearly screening mammograms starting at age 40

High-Risk Women

  • Women with a strong family history of breast cancer or genetic mutation may benefit from starting screening earlier than age 40
  • Consult your physician about when to start mammography & if any additional imaging is needed, such as high-risk breast MRI

Women aged 75 and Older

Breast Self-Awareness

  • Learn to identify possible changes in your breasts
  • Continue yearly check-ups & clinical breast exams by health care providers

Benefits of Screening Mammography


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