About Your Appointment With Elizabeth Wende Breast Care

If you are scheduled for a screening mammogram but you or your doctor have found a new lump that did not disappear, or if an old lump or thickening is getting bigger, please call the office at (585) 442-3922 as your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Screening mammogram— not waiting for results (all locations): About 1 hour
Screening mammogram— waiting for results(all locations):
No additional testing required: Currently about 90 minutes
If additional testing is required (all locations): Your wait time may be up to 3 hours depending on services available
Screening mammogram & screening ultrasound (all locations): About 2 hours
Bone Densitometry scan (Brighton, Carthage, Geneseo, Greece and Victor): About 30 minutes
Diagnostic appointment (Brighton & Victor locations only): 3 hours or more

Deodorant: Deodorant can be worn during your appointment.
Illness: In consideration of our other patients and staff, if you are
ill or have a contagious condition at the time of your appointment,
please call us to reschedule.
Perfume & Glitter Lotions: Please refrain from wearing.
Pregnancy or Possible Pregnancy: Please inform staff.

  1. Go online to portal.ewbc.com
  2. Log onto the portal as an existing patient. Select: I would like a portal
    account. If you want immediate portal access, choose: text.
  3. Click on the tab: My Health History
  4. Enter or update your information
  5. Click on the Save button at the very bottom of the form
    If you need help, please call 585-442-2190, opt 1, opt 2. If you do not have a computer
    or an email address, you may complete paperwork at your appointment.
  1. Your current insurance card
  2. List of your current medications
  3. Photo I.D.
  4. Any insurance co-payment or deductible
  5. Referral script from your doctor (if needed)

Payment is expected at time of visit whether you have a copay or deductible plan. Please be aware additional testing is considered diagnostic and may result in out-of-pocket expenses to you due to deductibles, co-insurance and/or co-pays.

Every insurance policy is different – please consult with your insurance company to determine if your diagnostic tests will be covered.

There will be an additional $20 charge for co-payments and deductibles not received at time of service.
There will be a $20 charge for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

Patients that have implants,  please note that deflation and rupture are among the known risks of having implants.