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To Schedule a Screening Breast Ultrasound

If your last mammogram at our facility identified your tissue type as dense, we offer screening ultrasound appointments at our Batavia, Brighton, Greece or Victor facility. If you would like a screening ultrasound, please call 585-442-2190. Please be aware some insurances do not cover screening ultrasounds or may apply the fee to your deductible plan.

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Breast Density

Breast density is determined only by a mammogram and describes the tissue makeup of a woman’s breasts. Dense breasts contain more breast tissue than fatty tissue. Women who have dense breasts have an increased risk of breast cancer. Dense breast tissue can look white or light gray on a mammogram. Cancer can also look white or light gray. Because of this, dense tissue can be difficult to spot on a mammogram.

NYS passed the Breast Density Inform Act, effective Jan. 2013 requiring radiologists to inform patients of their breast density when receiving mammogram results.

Breast density is determined by the radiologist who reads your mammogram. Your report at our office will include your breast density type:
1. Almost entirely fatty   
2. Scattered areas of fibroglandular density
3. Heterogeneously dense    
4. Extremely dense

The new law would like patients with heterogeneously dense and extremely dense tissue to be informed they may be candidates for additional testing such as ultrasound or MRI.

The denser  tissue becomes, the more difficult it can be to interpret by the radiologist.

If we find you have dense pattern (heterogeneously dense OR dense), your result letter will recommend that you talk to your referring health care provider about your breast cancer risk and discuss whether you may benefit from additional testing.

You will also be given the opportunity to schedule an ultrasound while in the office if you choose. If you choose to schedule for a later date, our office will send a confirmation of  the appointment to your doctor. The law does not mandate that insurance providers cover ultrasound for dense breast tissue. Patients may be responsible for payment, depending on insurance coverage.


Breast Density: Are You Informed?

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